Yes, you can erase a cloud in the sky.

Sometimes you pick up a book expecting great things and it lets you down. Sometimes you pick up a book and find that it was not only what you expected but so much more. "So much more," is the perfect descripton of Masaru Emoto's, The Hidden Messages in Water.

I vaguely knew about the book before I began to read it. I knew that a scientist in Japan was photographing water crystals. Water crystals emerge for only twenty to thirty seconds as temperature rises and ice starts to melt. As Masaru states, "The truths of the cosmos take shape and become visible, if only for a few seconds."

These water crystals were exposed to a variety of stimuli, everything from music and the spoken word to various locations. The stimuli had a dramatic effect on the crystals. Negative stimuli produced distorted, malformed crystals, while positive stimuli produced stunningly, beautiful crystals. For example crystals exposed to the words, "Thank You" were beautiful and complete while crystals exposed to the words, "You Fool," didn't even form at all.

Masaru draws our attention to the fact that our bodies are 70 percent water, we exist mostly as water. This is of the utmost importance when we consider that water is a transporter of energy throughout our entire body. Masaru also shows us how water has the ability to copy and memorize information. When you put these characteristics of water together you discover that you have the ability to change your life and create your world however you want it.

"Understanding the fact that we are essintially water is the key to uncovering the mysteries of the universe." - Masaru Emoto

Everything in the universe is vibrating and everything in the universe has its own frequency. The science of quantum mechanics has shown us that as we go deep into the level of the subatomic all matter disappears replaced only by waves of energy. And since everything in the universe is vibrating, everything in the universe is also producing sound. And guess what is the "master listener" to recieve this sound? Water!

"Water - so senstitive to the unique frequencies being emitted by the world - esentially and efficiently mirrors the outside world. The written words themselves actually emit a uniqe vibration that water is capable of sensing. Water faithfully mirrors all the vibrations created in the world, and changes these vibrations into a form that can be seen with the human eye. When water is shown a written word, it receives it as vibration and expresses the message in a specific form." - Masaru Emoto

When we realize that everything is vibration the term resonance becomes very important. A simple way to define resonance is like energies attract. Therefore whatever frequency we are sending out we are going to attract frequencies of a like nature. So what are you attracting? Love and gratitude or hate and fear.

One of Masaru's interesting theories is that gratitute is actually a more powerful vibration than love and has a greater influence. As he uniquely puts it...

"A water molecule consists of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. If love and gratitude were linked together in a ratio of 1 to 2, gratitude would be twice as large as love. When you become the embodiment of gratitude think about how pure the water that fills your body will be."

"Everything exists in this one moment. You no longer need to be troubled by your past, and can know that the future can be anything you will it to be. You, as you are, in this very moment hold the key to everything."

Masaru shows you how to prove to yourself that your consciousness has an incredible impact on the physical world. He teaches you how to erase a cloud with just your thoughts. Actually make a cloud disappear. Everyone can do this and the first time you do it is paradigm shattering. When you see the cloud fade away because of your thoughts your life will change forever.

"On a partially, clear day, look up in the skay and target just one cloud, maybe one not too large. You must believe the cloud will disappear, but you shouldn't try to hard. Imagine an invisible beam of energy being sent from your consciousness towards the could, breaking it into pieces. Say in the past tense, "The cloud has disappeared", at the same time, say to the energy, "Thank you for doing that." If you follow these steps the cloud will start to thin out and disappear in a matter of miniutes." Clouds are especially suseptable to our will because they are water in a gaseous form.

Another experiment Masaru has you perform is to put rice into two containers. On the first container write "Thank You" on the second write "You fool". You will find the the rice in the container with the words, "You fool" will begin to decay and rot a lot faster than the rice with the words, "Thank You." You can also speak the words to the rice instead of write the words. Words are vibrations and have an influence upon our world.

This got me thinking. If words are vibrations and we resonate, attract to us, what we are vibrating, then words play a very important role in attracting towards us the circumstances that make up our lives. Now add this to the fact that water has the ability to copy and memorize information. Write what you want to attract on a bottle of water. The vibrations enter the water. The water remembers the vibrations. You drink the water. You take on the vibration. You are after all 70% water. You are now resonating with what you want to attract.

Don't take my word for all this. Try all these experiements yourself. They are very easy to perform and the results will change your life forever.

"We all have an important mission. To make water clean again, and to create a world that is easy and healthy to live in. In order to accomplish our mission, we must first make sure our hearts are clear and unpolluted." - Masaru Emoto

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